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Interesant inovacion en le Mobile Munde Congres

Interesting innovation in the Mobile World Congress

Mobile Munde Congres, le encontre de mobile telefonie et de otre electronik et digital products, celebred quelque dias previose in Barcelona, have sed realment un interesant citation par diferent sectors relacionad con le comunicacion audiovisual vinculed a le mobile fones.

Se have celebred much interesant encontres, conferences et demos con le participacion de le primere internacional firmes et equalment have arrived a important conclusions. Dove destaker que Ballmer junte con Elop defende le aliance con Nokia. Telefonica propose un version par le electronik DNI et Microsoft aspire a liderer le mobile comerce con su Windows Fone.

Parlend de inovacion, have send much en le champ de telefonie, soporte or web navegacion, inclurend tot le sector audiovisual. Selon le experts pove mencioner le siguients:

-LG 3G 3D . Optimus 3D create et download tridimensional contenid gracies a un duble camera. Le mobile sere en vent en may. Es le plus rapide et plus potent por su duble procesator, su duble canal et su duble memorie expliked Rosa Gonzalez, directrice de comunicacion de LG Espana. No necesite gafes et gracies a su conection HDMI le image se pove vicer en le television en 3D.

-Solar USB cargator. Un cargator solar que ocupe como un USB memorie. Se nomined Smartmini et es fabricated per Laser Escane Tecnologie.

-Auricular con diamants. Le aparat cost quasi 72.000 euros et es complete de diamants. Se pove utiliser como colar or pendiente. Es fabricated per Novero, un exdivision de Nokia.

-Le iPad Titure. Access have developed un aplicacion par download partitures en le Apple iPad tablet. Su nome es Total Sheet Music App, based en le contenid de le Alfred Musik Publishing. Serie en vent en march.

- Nvidia spectacular. Nvidia procesors have pased de videogames a le munde de le fones, specialment le tablets et inteligente fones. Le ferie mostre multi tactile pantailes que responde a le manual sensibilite, much rapid et de forme exact gracies a su grafik GeForce cards .

- 10 pulgades Tab. Samsung mostred que le tablet de 7 pulgades es posible front a le 10 de le iPad . Alora estrene tablet de le misme tamaine que le iPad, mais con plus funcions como le flash, le 8 megas camera con autofocus et otre frontal de 2. El Grabe et reproduce.

Mobile World Congress, mobile phone and other electronic and digital products encounter celebrated some days ago in Barcelona has been a really interesting appointment to different sectors related about audiovisual communication related to mobile phones.

There have been very interesting encounters, conferences and demos with the participation of the main international firms and important conclusions have been determined. We can point out that Ballmer with Elop defended the alliance with Nokia. Telefónica, propose a version for the electronic ID and Microsoft aspire to lead the mobile commerce with its Windows Phone.

Talking about innovations, have been lots of them in mobile phones, medium or web surfing field, including all audiovisual sector. According to experts we can stress the following ones:

- LG 3G 3D. Optimus 3D creates and downloads tridimensional content thanks to a double camera. The phone will be on sale in May. “It is the quickest and most powerful due to its double processor, double channel and double memory”, explained Rosa González, communication director of LG Spain. It does not need glasses and thanks to the HDMI connection the image can be seen in the television in 3D.

- Solar USB charger. It is a solar charger with the size of a USB memory. Its name is Smartmini and it is fabricated by Laser Escanning Technology.

- Diamonds earphones. This device costs around 72.000 euros and it is filled with diamonds. It can be used as a collar or an earring. It is fabricated by Novero, an exdivision of Nokia.

- The iPad Score. Access has developed an aplication to dowload scores in Apple’s iPad tablet. Its name is Total Sheet Music App, based in the contents of Alfred Music Publishing. It will be on sale from March.

- Nvidia spectacular. Nvidia processors have passed from videogames to phones world, specially tablets and smartphones. The fair showed multi tactile screens that answered to fingers sensibility really quick and in an exact way thanks to its graphic GeForce cards. 

- 10 inches Tab. Samsung shows that 7 inches tablet is posible incomparation with the 10 from iPad. Now it worn a tablet with the same size as the iPad, but with more functions as flash, 8 mega camera with autofocus and another frontal one of 2. It records and reproduces.


Le Mobile Munde Congres have celebred en Barcelona de le 14 a le 17 Februarie

Mobile World Congress was celebrated in Barcelona from 14th to 17th February


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