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'Le vita en un dia' un film de le vita ordinarie

‘Life in a day’ a film about the ordinary life

Le cine es un artistik et cultural genre que no solament experimente con quelcum chose que se pone pre de le objetive, equalment cherche le objetives que es situed pre de le choses. De este idea part 'Life in a day' ('Le vita en un dia') un documental film de le escocese Kevin Macdonald composed de 80.000 videos, tots filmed en le misme date: 24 julie de 2010.

Le material de este film que se have estrened le 27 januarie en le Festival de Sudance por le Ridley Scott production companie pove sere fascinante, pero es necesarie much pacience, tempo et determinacion par chercher perles en le inesperad ocean de le munde de le records. Or un bon organisacion, como se que have marched a principes de julie por Kevin Macdonald.

Le cineaste Macdonald equalment conocid por 'Le ultime king de Scotland' et ganator de un Oscar por le documental 'Un die de septembre' have un film sense olfate en quelcum place onde havere un camera. De este maniere, have sabed como aprecier le avantages de le video en YouTube par reflecter le present de le humanitie, et elige le project 'Le vita en un dia' un largometraje enterament composed por videos como un grand audiovisual 'patchwork'.

Macdonald demanded a le internautas que gravered se que desire et le envoyer por social ret con un unique condicion: le imagenes dove ser de le 24 julie de 2010, le result serie como un testimonie de un dia en le vita humane de le terre.

"Es un tempo capsule que mostrere a le future generacions que persones send vive le 24 julie de 2010", le director explik. El recopiled 80.000 videos que sumeva 5.000 hores de film, plus de 200 dias complete. En le final, 'Le vita en un dia' inclurire le images de 1.125 videos. Le premiere le 27 januarie en le Festival de Sundance, en le Park Citie (Utah, States Unit), se have emitid en direct por YouTube.

Cinema is an artistic and cultural genre that not only tries out with anything that is in front the lens but also looks for objectives that put in front of things. This is the starting point of ‘Life in a day’ a documentary film from the Scottish Kevin Macdonald composed of 80.000 videos, all of them filmed in the same data: 24th July 2010.

This film material that was showed the 27th January in the Sundance Festival by the Ridley Scott production company might be fascinating, but too much patience, time and determination will be required to look for pearls in the unexpected home recording world. Or a good organization, as the one started by Kevin Macdonald in the beginnings of July.

The filmmaker Macdonald also known for ‘The last King of Scotland’ and an award winning for its ‘One Day in September’ has a film sense of smell everywhere a camera is. That way, has known how to appreciate YouTube video advantages to reflect humanity present, and choose the project ‘Life in a day’, a feature film entirely composed by videos as a huge audiovisual patchwork.

Macdonald ask web surfers to recorded whatever they like and sent to him by social net with a unique condition: images must be from the 24th July of 2010, the result will serve as a testimony of a day on the earth human life.

It is a time capsule that will show to future generations who was being alive the 24th July of 2010” the director explains. He compiled 80.000 videos that came to 5.000 hours of film, more than 200 complete days. In the end ‘Life in a day’ will include 1.125 videos. Its premiere the 27th January in the Sundance festival, in Park City (Utah, US) was live shown by YouTube.


Tot le scenes es bon en 'Le vita en un dia'

All the scenes are good at  ‘Life in a day’.


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