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Italia, privilegiad turistik destin en Europe

Italy, privileged tourist destiny in Europe

Post de France, Espana et Regno Unit (en ese ordre), Italia es un privilege destin par le internacional turisme en Europe. Le informacion de le ENIT, agencie nacional de Italia par le turisme, mostre que Italia continue send un de le turistik places prefered per le extrangeres, incluid le period de Noel. Par ese rason, le pais de le Mediterran have lanced nove et atractive mesages de promocion et market par este ano 2011.

Le informacion proporcionad por Le Banka de Italia de le depense de le turistes extrangere en le periode de januarie a septembre de 2010 ascende a 23.733 millons de euros, un creciment de le 0.9 % compared con le ano 2009. Este signifie un positive fin de exercicie et nove perspectives par le present.

Le procedence de le turisme que arrive de Italia es principalment por le States Unit market, que registre un creciment de le 25%. Otre markets que equalment registre important creciments es le emergent China et India (le du con un creciment de 29%).

Parlend de Europe, le german market continue send le plus important par Italia, post veni le market english et le paises de le nord, como Sweden. Intre de le nove objetives de promocion de le ENIT, figure le nove image de Italia como destin turistik en le munde et, intre de su plans de promocion par 2011, esta facend un labore de renovacion de le ofert que inclued un nove logo, le creacion de un nove page,, et le renovacion de le existent www.enit. it.

After France, Spain, United Kingdom (in this order), Italy is a privileged destiny to international tourism in Europe. Information from ENIT, Italian tourism national agency, shows that Italy is still been one of the foreigners favorite places also including Christmas time. For this reason, Mediterranean country has launched new and attractive promotion and marketing messages for this year 2011.

The information provided by Italian Banking about foreigners´ expense from January to September period rises to 23.733 million Euros, a rise of 0.9% regarding with the year 2009. This supposed a positive year ending and new perspectives for the present one.

The origin of the tourism that comes from Italy is mainly due to the United States market which registered a rise of 25%. Other markets that also registered important rises are the emergent China and India (both with a rise of 29%).

Talking about Europe, German market continue been the most important for Italy, after comes the English one and the countries from the North as Sweden. Inside the new ENIT promotion new objectives, figures Italy´s new image as touristic destiny in the world. In its 2011 promotion plans is making a renovation work of the offer including a new logo, a new web page,, and a renewal of the existing one


Italia es un de le quatre destins turistik plus demande de Europe

Italy is one of the four touristic destinies more demanded in Europe


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