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Bilingualism bon par le cerebre

Bilingualism good for the brain

Parlend un or plus languages pove no solament sere bon par le person que cruce continents et language barreres, pove equalment ser un efective utile par incrementer le cerebre pover.

Un studie que analise le bilingualism en tot le munde, matice que le bilinguals have mejor cerebre pover que le monolinguals.

Send capable de controler diferent languages et tenend chanque un prepared par user en quelque moment renover le cerebre de le multilingual persones. Este efect aumente le cerebre de tal maniere que le executive sistemes de atencion pove funcioner mejor.

Le constant necesite par controler du or plus languages done bilinguals un inesperad change en le cognitive capacite mejorend le capacite par focalicer en lavors que requere multireponse.

Se have encontre en tests que le bilinguals usualment face mejor que le monolinguals en le multireponse. Un lavore analised par le estudie estava parlend en le telefone a le meme temp que conduce.

No obstant, este cerebre pove venir con un cost de investigacion aded. Bilinguals pove tener problemes en trouver le adecuad paroles en su cerebres, donend eles plus titubacion moments con le lingua que otre persones.

Experts sugere que le minor dueme efects es minime par le individues que es or desire ser bilingues.

Speaking one or more languages may not only be good for those that cross continents and language barriers, but it may also be an effective tool to increase brain power.

A study which analyzed bilingualism all over the world, highlighted that bilinguals have better brainpower than monolinguals.

Being able to control different languages and having each one ready for use at any moment rewires the brain of multilingual people. This effect enhances the brain in such a way that the attentional executive systems can function better.

The constant need for controlling two or more languages gives bilinguals an unexpected change in cognitive abilities by improving the ability to focus on tasks that require multitasking.

It was found in tests that bilinguals usually do better than monolinguals in multitasking. One task analyzed for the study was talking on the phone while driving.

However, this brain power comes with a cost the researcher adds. Bilinguals may have problems on targeting the right words in their brains, giving them more tongue titubation moments than other people.

Experts suggest the minor side effects are well worth it for individuals who are or wish to be bilingual.

Le bilingualisme amplie le cerebre capacite

Bilingualism widen brain capacity


Multilingua Maternal

Multilingua plus de 30% de persones (2.000 millons) comprende le 90% de le vocabularie et gramatik

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Amazing perception and wonderful flow.
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This page was exactly what i have been looking for!
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