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'Expolangues' 80 linguas de 30 paises en Paris

‘Expolangues’ 80 languages from 30 countries in Paris

Le 29 edicion de ' Expolangues' acoge en Versailles (Paris) 80 linguas procedent de 30 paises. Este cite que have se celebred de le 2 a le 5 februarie es marched par promover le aprentisage de linguas, defender le multilinguisme et fomenter le conociment internacional de le linguas en le ambits profesional, private et publik.

Este ferie, considerad como un de le plus important de ambit internacional, tene anualment un grand pover de convocatorie. Exactment, le edicion de 2011 have quasi 12.000 persones profesional de le linguistik de diferent paises.

En le present edicion, en se que le arab have send le lingua invited, have instaled plus de 200 mostradors que have atended et exhibed le aspects et concepts de quasi un centenaire de linguas, su actualizacion, derivacions et changes en su gramatiks et morfologies.

En le stands, preste de 300 expositors de ecoles, organismes de formacion, editors, linguistik laboratories, societies de traduction or libreries especializad have send present et have ofered a le publik profesional, et general, publicacions, videos et didaktik et orientative material de le aprentisage, enseignement et peculiarites de chanque une de le linguas.

Considerad como un 'babel ferie', le certamen 'Expolangues' es ouvert principalment a le conciencies de le organismes oficial, tante de le Central Goverments como periferiks de le principal paises de le munde. Par ese raison et por le merites propie de su organisators, este citation tene le soporte et consideracion de le UNESCO et otre organisacions internacional a se que le preocupe le future de le linguas, no solomant le principal, equalment –et princpalmento– se que par quelque motive es minor linguas.

The 29th edition of  ‘Expolangues has had in Versailles (Paris) 80 languages from 30 countries. This meeting that has been celebrated from 2 to 5 February was created to promote the languages learning, to denfend multilingualism and to encouraged the international languages knowledgement in professional, private and public fields.

This fair that is considered as one of the most important in the international field, has yearly a big power of meeting. Exactly, in the 2011 edition has been nearly 12.000 linguistic professional people from different countries.

In the present situation in which Arabic has been the invited language, has been setted up more than 200 counters that have attended and exhibited the aspects and concepts of nearly hundreds of languages, their up dated, derivations and grammatical and morphological changes.

In the stands, about 300 exhibitors of schools, formation organisms, editors, linguistic laboratories, translation societies or specialized bookstores have been present and has in general offered publications, videos and didactic and guide material about learning, teaching and every language peculiarities

Considered as a ‘bable fair’, ‘Expolangues’ edition is mainly opened to official organisms, both central and peripheral governments of the world main countries. For that reason, and for its own organizers´ purposes, this meeting has the support and consideration of UNESCO and some other international organizations who care about the languages future, not only the main ones, but also –and above all- those that for some reason are minor languages.

Le publik sigue con atencion le explicacions de le linguas en ' Expolangues'

Public follows with attention an explanation about languages in ‘Expolangues’




Multilingua Maternal

Multilingua plus de 30% de persones (2.000 millons) comprende le 90% de le vocabularie et gramatik

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