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Important discoveries cientifik en 2010

Important scientifik discoveries in 2010

Le conocid magazine 'Cience', de divulgacion cientifik a international nivel, have publier le liste de le dec descovrements cientifik plus important durant le ano 2010. Entre estes descovrements, de trascendence fundamental para le future de le humanitie, figure le profilaxis de le side, le simulator quantik, le genomik de novo generacion or le reprogramacion celuler.

Estes nove pases de les cientifiks internacional ovren un fenetre de posibilites que mejore le qualite humane en le prolongacion de le vita et repare, en un percentage much important, le deficits fisik par le desgaste de le tempo et le use de le entramad celuler. Equalment, quelque discoveries son utils que facilitere otre descovrements en le sector cientifik de le future.

Este decalogue de avances, que es un petit mostre de tot lo conseguid en este champ durant le doce meses de 2010, se pove sinteticer en le siguient descovrements: le premiere machine de quantik (por le fisiks Andrew Cleland et John Martinis de le Universitie de California en Santa Barbara, States Unit); cromosome artificiel et funcionel; le genoma de le neandertal; profilaxis de le sida; gens de maladies rare; simulacion moleculer; simulator quantik; genomik de novo generacion, reprogramacion celuer; le regres de le rates; le genome obscure, le composicion de le universe, exoplanetes et otre suceses de le decade.

De tots le descovrements se derive quelque camines de investigacion que, els sole ovren fenetres a le conociments de nove formes, nove concepts cientifik et, en definitive, nove existences desconoced para les investigators et para tot le humanitie. Par example se ovren nove posibilites para le cosmologie de precision; biomolecules de le past; aqua en Marte, celules reprogramad; microbiomes or le exoplanetes.

En este ample et varied avance cientifik, es destacad le procese referent a le materiales, con properties optimes artificiel et a mesure, que have porter a nove formes de guier et manipuler le luce et le construction de devices para facer invisible les objets. Equalment es important resalter que, en un decade, les cientifiks have consolided su conociments de le change climatik confirmend que le planete se esta calentand, que le responsabilidade es, en gran mesure, humane et que le procese naturals no frenere le procese.

The well-known Science magazine, with an international scientific spread level, has just published the list of the ten most important scientific discoveries during the year 2010. Among these discoveries of fundamental importance for mankind future, is the aids´ prophylaxis, the quantum simulator, the new generation genomic or cell reprogramming.

These new international scientifics’ steps open many possibilities that make better human quality talking about life extension and they correct in a high percentage physical deficiencies because of time and the usage of cell framework. In other hand, some of those discoveries are tools that will make easier other discoveries in scientific field in the future.

In this decalogue of advances, what is a little simple of all that have been achieved in this field during the twelve months of 2010, can be summed up in the next discoveries: The first quantum machine (by Andrew Cleland and John Martinis, physicians from California University in Santa Barbara, US); artificial and functional chromosome; The Neanderthal genome, the aids prophylaxis, strange illnesses gens; molecular simulation; quantum simulator, new generation genomic; cell reprogramming; rats return; obscure genome, universe composition; exoplanets and other decade milestones.

From all of them arise some investigation ways that open another knowledge links, new scientific concepts and definitively, new unknown existences to investigators and to all mankind. For instance, new possibilities are opened to precision cosmology; past biomolecules; water from Mars, reprogramated cells; mycrobiomes or exoplanets.     

Inside this extended and varied scientific advance, the process about materials attracted our attention, with ideal artificial and appropriate properties that has let to new light manipulating and guiding forms and the construction of mechanisms to make objects invisible.  It is also important to highlight that in a decade, scientifics has consolidated the knowledge of the climate change, confirming that the planet is getting hot, that the responsibility in a big measure is human´s and that natural processes will not stop the process.

John Martinis de le Universitie de California, un de le paters de le machine cuantik

John Martinis from California´s University, one of the creators of the quantik machine



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