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Identificacion par codes BIDI

Identification by BIDI codes

Le tradicional code de barres tene le dias contad, parce que en le epoque audiovisuel et de le telecomunicacions de ultime generacion quelque unes signal plains et uniforme no son suficent. Es necesarie otre tipe de mesages que, por su configuracion plus complexe et quasi infinite conduce a quelque informacion et identificacion plus ambiciose. Con ese idea et necesite natale le BIDI.

En su aspect fisik, le BIDI es quelque petit recuadres et en su interier mostre un especie de punts or petit cuadrits que, locate aleatoriament pero de un maniere logik et definid, compose 'claves' et 'signals' identificador de much choses: le identitie de un persone, le tiket de avion de un destin determine, le carnet de identitie, le caracteristiks de un costume, de un film, de un auto, etc.

Le identificacion par le codes BIDI pove se realiser en le moment, mediant un telefone mobile, que conecte le image (plus signal de conection) con le base identifie que respond con le afirmacion or negacion de sue autenticite, or bien le demande pove ser valider en otre moment, quand se precise or le interesad desirez.

Equalment, le codes BIDI pove facer que le usuarie enjoye videos, disques or films, suo anonce pove aparecer en magazines or journals acompagne por un de les recuadres codifie que, mediante un simple foto con le mobile telefone pove conecter a le usuarie con le base que se ofere en su propie telefon, IPAD or PDA le imagens or sonides disponible.

En consecuence cada vece es plus frequent le use de este periferiks para le acces a internet, le negocies et le interactivite en le ret sociels. Alora le mobile, en combinacion con le codes BIDI pove ser also un nove forme de interaction, gracies a le prestacions que ofere.

Chanque vece son plus le enterprises organisator de events de tot  tipe (desde le cine jusque concerts) se que se have apunter a le tendencie de identifier a le client par codes BIDI. De ese maniere, quand se compre un entrie or se face un suscripcion, le response no es plus un tiket que recebe le client par mail, sino un code BIDI que arrive a le mobile, se que, en premiere instance, es un important gain de costes.

Traditional barcodes has its days numbered, so that in cutting-edge audiovisual and telecommunication age, flat and uniformed signals are enough.  Another type of messages that because of its more complex and nearly infinite configuration lead to more ambitious information and identification are needed. From this idea a necessity has borne BIDI.

Its physical appearance, BIDI are little boxes containing some kind of points of little squares that are placed fortuitously but in a logical and definite way. They composed identifying keys and signals in any topic: someone´s identity, a plane ticket with a determine destiny, someone´s identity card or a cloth, film or car features, etc.

The identification through BIDI codes can be made on site and on the moment using a mobile phone that connects the image (plus connection signal) with the identification base. This base answers with the affirmation or negation of its authenticity, or the demand can be validated in another specified moment or when the concerned person wants.  

In other hand, BIDI codes can let the user enjoy videos, records or films, which advertisements can appear in magazines or newspapers with one of those codified squares. Trough a simple mobile phone photo can connect the user with the base offering in its own phone, iPAD or PDA the images or the available sounds.

For that reason, is more and more common using this kind of peripheriques for the Internet access, business and interactivity and social nets. Nowadays, mobile phones with BIDI codes can also be a new form of interaction, thanks to the benefits they offer.

More and more event organization companies (from cinema to concerts) are choosing to this tendency of identifying clients by BIDI codes. This way, when buying a ticket or make a subscription, the answer now is not a ticket, it is a BIDI code received by a mobile, what as a first application is an important costs saving.    

Le nove code BIDI
New BIDI code


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Identification by BIDI codes
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