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KLM instaure le primere route entre Xiamen et Europa

KLM stablished the first flight between Xiamen and Europe

Le entreprise aireal KLM Royal Dutch Airlines have anonced que desde le 27 de march de 2011, comencere a operer un nove route desde Amsterdam a le internacional aeroport de Xiamen (China). KLM se converte en le unik aeroline que ofere voles direct entre le citie chinese et Europa.

Le route send presented a final de decembre durant un conference de prese organized en Xiamen, onde le vicealcalde, Pan Shjian et le president de KLM, Peter Haretman, signed le acord de coperacion.

Xiamen es la second citie plus grand de le provincie de Fujian et tene un populacion de tri millons de chambers. Par su locacion geografik, Xiamen es experimentend un rapide economik creciment a se que no es estraines le grand entreprises internacional. Equalment, le citie es also un destin turistik, con recourses de interes culturel et historik.

"Con este septime destin a China, KLM fortalece su posicion en este market de rapid creciment. En Europa, KLM es le companie que ofere le major numere de voles con destin a China como Hong Kong or Taiwan", decid Hartman . Actualment le companie ofere 43 frecuencies a la semane a diferent destins a ese pais.

Le nove service a Xiamen sere opered tri veces par semane. Despegare de le aeroport de Schiphol (Amsterdam), le mardi, jeudi et dimanches, para returner de Xiamen le siguient dia. Le companie utilisere un Boeing 777- 200ER, con capacite para 318 pasageres, 35 en Busines Munde et 283 en Economic.


KLM Royal Dutch Airlines enterprise has announced that from the 27th march 2011 will carry out a new route from Amsterdam to the international airport of Xiamen (China). That way, KLM become the only airline which offers direct flights between the chinese city and Europe.

The route has been launched in the end of December during a press release organized in Xiamen, where the vice-mayor, Pan Shjian and KLM´s president Peter Haretman signed a cooperation agreement.

Xiamen is the second biggest city in Fujian province and has a population of three million inhabitants. Because of its geographical location, Xiamen is having a quick economical growth what enterprises do not overlooked.Moreover this city is a touristic place with interesting cultural and historical options.

“With this seventh destination, KLM makes stronger its position in that quickly growing market. In Europe, KLM is the company that offers the main number of flights to China as Hong Kong or Taiwan” Hatman pointed out. Nowadays the company offers 43 weekly frequencies to different destinations in this country.

The new Xiamen service will operate three times per week. It will take off from Schipol (Amsterdam) airport, on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays, with the back to Xiamen next day. The company will use a Boeing 777-200ER, with place to 318 passengers, 35 in World Business and 283 in the Economical one.

Le KLM volere regularment  desde march a le citie Xiamen de China
KLM will regularly fly from March to Xiamen city in China

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