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Le brasilean voyaged plus a Europa en 2010

Brazilian travel more to Europe in 2010

Le turistes brasilean marched le trieme en visitors contribucion a Europa en 2010, post de le state unidenses et japaneses de acord con un estudie realised recentment par le Brasilia Central Bank. Brasileans esta experimentend un economik creciment much beneficial en le clases medie alte de le populacion, se que estimule le turistik deplacements principalment a Europa. Meme si le destin natural de le voyager brasilian es States  Unite, en le ultime temps su goutes have aparentment cambier.

Le paises que plus visite le brasileans en le Ancian Continente es, par este ordre: Portugal, Espana, France, Italia et Regno Unite. Quelque se deplace a Belgie, Holland et Germanie, previose de se diriger a quelque zone de Rusia, sur tot Moscu. Le estancie media en chanque un de este destins solament sere de tri or quatre dias, visite le plus caracteristik et su gaste medie es de 150 euros by persone et dia.

Apart de le tendencies habitual de le turisme estateunidense, japanese, chinese et de otre asiatik paises, le procedente en 2010 de Brasil vene a confirmer que Europe es un destin natural de le voyagers que cherche culture museistik, arquitectonik, musical et gastronomik. Le pais de le Europe Union que plus turisme recibe es France que, gracies  a le interest que desperte Paris, alcance quasi le 80 millons de turistes par ano. Le segui Espana, con quasi 65 millons, seguid much loin  par Italia et Regno Unite.

De januarie a novembre, le depense de le brasileans facend turisme en Europa et otre places de le munde sumed 14.675 millons de dolars, con aumente de 51% sur le mesme periode de le ano previose, informed le Central Bank.

Es previse que le total de le ano se elevere  a 16.500 millons de dolars, le major value de le ultime six-dec anos, quand Brasil debuted a facer ese calcule, expliqued Altamir  Lopes, chef de le Economik Department de este entitie. "Este resultat esta en linie con le creciment de le rentabilite en le pais et le change ", con un real fort, aded. Le real brasilean acumule un valorisacion de 108% front a le dolar desde 2003.

Brazilian tourists were the third in visitants’ contribution to Europe in 2010, after Americans and Japanese according to a study recently done by Brasilia Central Bank. Brazilian are experimenting an economic very beneficial growth in middle high classes of population, what stimulates touristic movements mainly to Europe. Although natural destination for Brazilian is the United States, in the last times their liking has appreciably changed.  

The most visited countries in The Old Continent by Brazilians´, in this order are: Portugal, Spain, France, Italy and United Kingdom. Some move to Belgium, Holland and Germany, before going to some Russian zone, above all Moscow. The medium stay in each of these destination use to be about three or four days, they visit the most characteristic things and their expense is 150 Euros per person and day.

Apart from the usual tendencies of American, Japanese, Chinese and other Asiatic countries, the one coming from Brazil confirmed that Europe is a natural destination for travelers who search museum, architecture, musical and gastronomic culture. The country receiving more tourism in the European Union is France, that thanks to the interest that Paris arose, it reached about 80 million tourists yearly. It is followed by Spain, with about 65 million and further followed by Italy and United Kingdom.

From January to November, Brazilians’ expense making tourism in Europe and other places of the world summed 14.675 million dollars, with an increase of 51% over las t year same period, inform the central Bank.

It is predicted that the year´s total will reach to 16.500 million dollars, the highest value of the last sixty years, when Brazil begins with this calculation, Altamir Lopes, entity´s Economic Department boss pointed out. “This result is along in line with the growth of the country´s rent and the change” with a strong real, added. The Brazilian real accumulates a 108% accumulation against the dollar since 2003.

Le Institute Brasilian de Turisme promocione Europe destines

Brasilian Tourism Institute  promote European destinations


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