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Natale Caixa Bank: le deceme Europe bank

Caixa Bank is borned: the tenth European bank

Europe have un nove bank, Caixa Bank, que sere le deceme de le Continent en recourses, financial potencialite et management. Le entitie, que have aprobad su estatutes de constitucion et le permis pertinent par le part de le Comision Nacional de le Mercad de Values (CNMV en su abreviature en espanol), natale intre de le Grupe Caixa Catalunya, et su value es estimed en 9.500 millions de euros.

Le conseil de administracion de Le Caixa en le final de le past januarie aprove le proposicion presented por su president, Isidre  Fainé de facer bankarie activite de forme indirect con un nove bank cread de su filial Criteria.

Le entitie have de este maniere acoged un de le opcions colected en le legislacion espanol vigent desde le past julie, specifikment a se que le permite mantener su condicion de entitie de gain a tot le efects. Especialment le meme organes de goverment en se que es represented extended sectors de le catalan civil societe, le propie clients de le entitie et su employeurs.

Equalment preserve le Obre Social par la que le entitie retorne a le societe part de le beneficies obtened con le comercial activitie. Este es le ambit plus especifik de su condicion de bank de gains diferenciad de le rest de le mercantil societes et en especial de le institucions bankarie.

Par un bien estudied et bien estructured financial ingenierie, le finance grupe  catalan trasfererie su negoce minoriste a un nove bank que restere sub su filial Criteria, entitie que jusque este date cotiseva en Borse.

De acord con le date et informacions procedent de le propie entitie, La Caixa transfererie le negoce de le bank de gains minoriste et changere le denominacion de Criteria  Caixa  Corp par Caixa Bank. Equalement el transfererie grand part de le actual industrial participacions industrial de su cartera – Natural Gas de Fenosa, Abertis, Aquas de Barcelona, Port Aventure et Mediterranean Beach & Golf –, et equalment le participacions inmobiliarie que tene actualment La Caixa en su balance: Servihabitat, Metrovacesa or Colonial  a un entitie que dependerie de Le Caixa.

Europe has a new bank, Caixa Bank, which will be the tenth of the Continent in resources, financial potenciality and management. The entity that has approved its constitution statutes and the pertinent permissions by the Values National Market Comission (CNMV in its Spanish abbreviation), natale intre de le Grupe Caixa Catalunya and its value is estimated in 9.500 million Euros.

Caixa administration board approved in the end of the past January the proposal presented by its president, Isidre Fainé of making its bank activity in an indirect way through a new bank created from its filial Criteria.

The entity has in this way recourse in one of the options collected in the Spanish legislation in force from past  July, specifically the one that allows the condition of gains entity in all effects. Especially the same government boards in which are represented extended sectors of the Catalonian civil society, their own entity clients and their employers.

It is also preserved the Social Welfare through by which the entity returns to the society part of the obteining benefits with the comercial activity. This is the most specific field of its condition of savings bank different from the rest of the mercantile societies and especially of the bank institutions.

Through a studied and well structured financial engineering, the financial Catalonian group will transfer its retail business to a new bank that will be under its filial entity which to date quoted in the Stock exchange.

According with the piece of information come from its own entity, Caixa will transfer to Criteria the savings bank retail banking business to Criteria and will change Criteria naming Caixa Corp by Caixa Bank. It also will transfer great part of the actual industrial stockholdings of its portfolio - Gas Natural Fenosa, Abertis, Aguas de Barcelona, Port Aventura and Mediterránea Beach & Golf–, and in the same way its property stockholdings that nowadays has Caixa in its balance: Servihabitat, Metrovacesa or Colonial to an entity that will depend on Caixa.

Le logo de le estela de mare de Le Caixa done confiance en Europe

Caixa starfish logo gives confidence in Europe



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