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Estonia adopte le euro como moneta oficial

Estonia adopted the euro as the oficial coin

Desde le past 1 januarie, Estonia have adopted oficialment le euro como moneta de legal curse en le pais, post de quelque intentes previose que no salend bien par su petit economie. De le blok de dec States que dove adopter le euro en su dia, Estonia marched le primere par desveler su design. Meme si bien planed adopter le 1 januarie de 2007, date en que lo faced Eslovenia, tened que changer su date de adopcion par le 1 januarie de 2008. En este date le adopted Malta et Chipre; no obstant no send posible par le ilusionad Estonia. Alora es posible, le 1 januarie  2011 have poved facere su desired sogne.

De este maniere, Estonia se have converted en le pais 17 de le Europe Union que intre en le zone de le moneta comun. Le Europe Conseje (EC) have conclured que "have logred un alte grade de convergencie economik sostenible et es prepared par adopter le Europe divise". Es  este sense, elogie "le prolongad compromese de Estonia en le aplicacion de mesures economik prudent".

Le euro (EUR or €) es le moneta comun para le Europe nacions que partener a le Eurozone de le Europe Union. Le euro monetas tene du cotes diferent, un cote comun (anverse) en tot Europe que indik le value de le moneta et un cote nacional con le design elegid par chanque un de le paises.

Le euro monetas de Estonia, que sustitued a le corone, have un unik design para le octe monetas. Le design de Lembit  Lõhmus mostre un map de Estonia et infre have le parole Eesti (Estonie) et le dec du estelas a su torna. Este send le design ganator entre dec, obtened par popular votacion, et que se facaere publik en decembre de 2004.  Le monetas marche con le value  de 0,01 €,  0,02 €,  0,05 €, 0,10 €,  0,20 €, 0,50 €, 1,00 €,  2,00 €.  

Meme si Estonia have tenere un retard luce vert, le comiseur comunitarie de Economik Questions, Oil Rehn, have advertid  a le dirigentes de le antik territorie sovietik que dove "continuer su eforts par mantener este mesures rasonable en materie fiscal, pertenecend atente et reactionend pront et con decision in case de que aparece traces de un aumente de le desequilibres or de perdes de competitivite".

Le ampliacion de le 'zone euro ' a este pais located en le extreme nordest de le EU es producid en un moment de debilita et grand incertitudes par le  moneta unik. Juste un ano post de que Slovensko, otre pais de le  antik Europe comuniste (alora pertenece a le Federal Yugoslavie), abandonerie su divise nacional (corona slovensk) par comencer con le euro.

Par adopter le euro, le paises candidates tene que respeter quelque criteries en control de le publik finances (deficit et debit), limited inflacion et fluctuacion de le changes et tipes de interest. Estonia le cumple, selon le CE. Le pais baltik have poved abandoner sin probleme le corone de Estonia, parce que termined le ano con un deficit publik de 1’7% et ele conseguire mantener en 2011. Le publik debit closed 2010 en quasi le 9,6% de le Product Interier Brute (PIB) et sere de le 12,4% en 2011.

Since last 1 January, Estonia has officially adopted the euro as the coin of legal curse in the country, after some previous attempts that have not a successful end because of its close economy.  From the block of the States that should adopted the euro in the given day, Estonia was the first revealing its design. It plan to adopted it the 1 January 2007, date when Slovenia did, but it had to change its adoption date till the 1 January 2008, date when Malta and Cyprus adopted theirs, but again did not be possible for the hopeful Estonia. Now it is, the 1 January 2011 they had its yearned dream achieved.

That way, Estonia has become the 17th country in the European Union entering in the common coin zone. Europe´s Council (EC) has concluded that “they have obtained a high grade of sustainable economic convergence and it is ready to adopt the European currency.” In this sense, it praised “the prolonged compromise of Estonia in the application of prudent economic measures.

The Euro (EUR or €) is the common coin for the European nations that belonged to the Euro zone of the European Union. Euro coins have two different sides, a common side (obverse) in the whole Europe that indicates the coin value and a national side with the elected design for each country.

Estonian euro coins that substitute the krone, shows a unique design for eight coins. The design from Lembit Lõhmus shows a map of Estonia under which it is the word Eesti (Estonia) and the twelve stars around it. This was the winning design among ten, obtained by a popular voting and what was make public in December 2004. Coins are come out with the value of  0,01 €,  0,02 €,  0,05 €, 0,10 €, 0,20 €, 0,50 €, 1,00 €,  2,00 €.

Although this late green light for Estonia, the community commissioner of Economic matters,  Oli Rehn, has warned to the ancient soviet region leaders that they should “continue with their efforts to maintain those reasonable measures in fiscal matter, paying attention and having an early decisive reaction in case they will appear signs of an increase of the imbalance or competitive loses.

The extension of ‘euro zone’ to this country located in the Northwest point of the EU it is produced in a weakness moment and big uncertainties for the unique coin. Just a year after Slovakia, another country from the ancient communist Europe (now is part of the Federal Yugoslavia), abandoned its national currency (Slovak krone) to start with the euro.

In order to adopted the euro, the candidate countries have to respect some criteria in the public financial control (deficit and debt), inflation, and a limited fluctuation of the changes and interest types. Estonia has all of them in terms of the EC.  The Baltic country can abandoned without problems the Slovak krone, for the reason that it finished the year with a public deficit of the 1,7%  and will obtain its maintenance in 2011; the public debt closed 2010 in around 9,6% of the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) and will be 12,4% in 2011.

Moneta de euro conmemorative de le entrie de Estonia en le Eurozone

Euro commemorative coin of the Estonian entrance in the Euro zone


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