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Un decade de Wikipedia

A decade of Wikipedia

Wikipedia tene 10 anos, un decade que have sed globalment un de le much visited font online enciclopedia. Es much popular, se eleved quasi constantement en le 10 primeres post de Google resultes par quasi quelcum cherche. Es le cinqueme plus visited web en le munde.

Un decade previose le idea de un constante actualizad online enciclopedia, escrive con colaboraciones de dec miles de persones et legere par cents millons, seva un sogne.

Desde ese moment, Jimmy Wales have inspired otres par se unir con el, et have formed un 100.000 fort online voluntaries comunitie que have constructe Wikipedia en un force de tot le munde par libre aprendend et general educacion, realised con poc recourses, colectend comunites en tot le munde.

Estudies de le BBC et Nature Magazine have mostred que Wikipedia tene le mesme fiabilite que le tradicional enciclopedias como le Enciclopedia Britannica. Wikipedia pove havere errors et es important prover le information. Un important enseignement que pove aprender es que tots le fonts (jusque le cread par persones) pove tener errors et dove ser evalued. Wikipedia pove haver errors et equalment have le Enciclopedie Britannica et much otre fonts.

Have Wikis en quasi 264 linguas presented par le Wikimedia fundacion. Quand un journaliste le demanded onde vice Wikipedia en 10 anos, le founder Jimmy Wales decid: "Plus linguas, plus information et plus alte qualite."

Wikipedia turned 10, a decade during which it has been one of the most globally crowd sourced online encyclopedia. It is so popular, it turns up pretty consistently in the top 10 Google results for nearly any search. It is the 5th most visited website in the world.

A decade ago the idea of a constantly updated online encyclopaedia, which would be collaboratively written by tens of thousands of people and read by hundreds of millions, was a dream.

Since then, Jimmy Wales has inspired others to join him, and has formed a 100,000-strong online volunteer community, which has built Wikipedia into a worldwide force for free learning and general education, run with modest resources, engaging communities worldwide.

Studies by the BBC and Nature Magazine have shown that Wikipedia has the same reliability as traditional encyclopedias such as Encyclopedia Britannica. Wikipedia can have errors and it’s important to check the information. Perhaps an important lesson we can learn is that all sources (since they were created by people) can have errors and should be evaluated. Wikipedia can contain errors, but so does the Encyclopedia Britannica and many other sources.

There are Wikis in around 264 languages hosted by the Wikimedia foundation. When asked by a journalist where he saw Wikipedia in 10 years time, founder Jimmy Wales said: “More languages, more information and higher quality.”

"Desire que Wikipedia sere este grand"

“I want Wikipedia to be this big”


Multilingua Maternal

Multilingua plus de 30% de persones (2.000 millons) comprende le 90% de le vocabularie et gramatik

Vos comprendez?


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