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'Ford C-Max', un auto con automatik parking'

'Ford C-Max', the car with automatic parking

Le Ford C-MAX model 2011 es un totalment nove auto. Replace le que es send vended desde 2007 que, a su vece, ele es un actualisacion de le que sortid a le market en 2003.

Front otre monovolumens, pove haver un equipement que estes no pove haver et que no haveva le anterior generacion de le C-MAX. Un de ese elements es le detector de obstacles en le angle mort, un trasere camera de aide a le parking or un sisteme de automatik parking en paralele, elements que facilite, en tot case, le electronik parking par tranquilitie de le conductor.

Su rang de motores es composed de du de gasoline et tri Diesel. Le primeres es 1.6 Ti-VCT 105 CV et 1.6 EcoBoost 150 CV. Le Diesel es 1.6 TDCi 95 et 115 CV et 2.0 TDCi 140 CV. Tots marche asocied a un manual change de six velocities except le minus potent motor de gasoline que porte un de cinq. Solament le motor Diesel de 140 CV pove porter le automatik change de doble embrage Powershift de six marches que destake por haver un funcionement much bon.

Como le anterior C-MAX, este monovolumen have much bon tacte de direction et es agile. Es comode de suspension parce que este suspension absorbe ben le irregularities de le terren et es suficientment silenciose. Le motor EcoBoost de 150 CV es nove et el move le auto con facilitie.

Le C-MAX se vende desde 17.850 € con le motor de gasoline minus potent et le equipement plus basik. Con le motor Diesel de 95 CV su price ascend a 19.950 €. Como oferte de lancement habere 3.000 unities nomined C-MAX First Edition que havere le price de le versions Trend (le plus simples) pero con un equipement similar a le de le versions Titanium (le plus completes).

Have capacitie par porter cinq persones pero su interior espace es plus racomandable par que voyage quatre. Es posible desmonter le central place de le trasere fila et aprocher le du lateral places. Have un version con sept places, le Grand C-MAX.

The 2011 Ford C-MAX is a totally new car. It replaces the one from 2007 that it was an actualization from the one which came out into the market in the year 2003.

It may have an equipment that other minivans cannot have and neither had the previous generation of C-MAX. One of those elements is the obstacles detector in the blind spot, a back camera for helping in the car´s parking or an automatic parking system in parallel. These elements make easier the electronic parking for the driver´s tranquility.

Its engines range is composed by gasoline two and Diesel three. First ones are 1.6 Ti-VCT 105 CV and 1.6 EcoBoost 150 CV. The Diesel ones are 1.6 TDCI 95 and 115 CV and 2.0 TDCI 140 CV. There are all combined with a hand gearshift except the less powerful gasoline engine that has one of five. Only the 140 CV Diesel engine may bring the double automatic Powershift clutch which stands out due to its very good working.

Same as the previous C-MAX, this minivan has a very good steering and it is agile. It has a comfortable suspension because it absorbs all the irregularities from the land and it is really quiet. The 150 CV EcoBoost engine is new and moves the car in an easy way.

The C-MAX with the less powerful engine and the basic equipment is on sale from $ 24.372. The one with a Diesel engine and 95 CV reaches the $27241. As an introductory offer it will be 3.000 units call C-MAX First Edition that will have the prize of Trend versions (the most simple ones) but with similar equipment to Titanium versions (the most complete ones).

It has a capacity of 5 people although the space is more recommended for four passengers. It is possible to dismount the central place and bring both side seats closer. There is a seven seater version, the Grand C-MAX.

'Ford C-Max, su sisteme de automatik parking facilite su conduction.
'Ford C-Max', its automatic parking system makes easy your driving.

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