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Steve Jobs, 'Persone de le ano' par le Financial Times

Steve Jobs, 'The year´s celebrity' by Financial Times

Steve Jobs de Apple, have sed ‘Persone de le ano’ par le 'Financial Times'. Le ano 2010 restere  como le ano de tot le records de le fabricant  informatik american de Apple, se que have conocid le nove  exit  de le planet  con su tablet electronik iPad et la ultime version de su iPhone.

Par coroner este date, le diarie financier britanik Financial Times have elected Steve Jobs, cofondateur et chef de le firme con le pome, 'Persone de le ano'. La presentacion de le iPad en janvier simboliserie 'un volte con important force' par Steve Jobs et su entreprise, ecribe le financier.

Le diarie estime que "le visionaire de Silicon Valley" have aprobed a replacer Apple en le plus alte place et note la ampliacion de much laborators "en America les otres PDG (Particle Data Group) se esforce en baser le production de costs et le numero de laborators".

Plus, le president  american Barack Obama have aprobed le replacement de Apple et de Steve Jobs le mercredi et afirmer que America "celebre le personalites como Steve Jobs, que have create du or tri produits  revolucioner".

Lanced en avril en les States Unit, le iPad have vended plus de 8 millons de copies et se have rapidment  impose como un noveltie necesarie. Quelque  analistes have espered un exit comerciel encore plus explosive. Le tabletes  electroniks existaient previose, mais seva solament un produit confidenciel.

Autre 'hit' de le ano  have send le ultime version de le iPhone, lanced le fin de junie. Le primere tri meses de le iPhone 4, Apple have quasi dubler sue ventes de le  telefons (+ 91%), quasi 14 millons de aparates en 89 pais.

Fort con sue exites, Apple have publied en octobre les resultats trimestrel record, con un cifre de negocie de 20 millons de dolars (15 millons de euros) et un beneficie de plus de 4 millons (3 millons de euros). Su action have alcanced le ciel, con quasi 60 % de ganacies durant le ano.

Steve Jobs from Apple, has been elected 'The year´s celebrity’ by ‘Financial Times'. The year 2010 will rest as the one for the Apple American informatics manufacturer records who has won the new exit with his electronic tablet iPad and the last version of his iPhone.

Knowing this information, British financier magazine Financial Times has chosen Steve Jobs, co-founder and the boss from the apple firm, as the 'Year celebrity'. The iPad presentation in January has shown ‘an important back’ for Steve Jobs and his enterprise, writes the financier.

The magazine consideres that 'the visionary of Silicon Valley' have approve to replace Apple in the top and underline the creation of more employment "in America other PDG (particle data Group) used to descend the costs production and the employment number".

Moreover, the President Barack Obama have approved the replace of Apple and Steve Jobs on Wednesday, affirming that America "celebrates having celebrities like Steve Jobs, who has created two or three revolutionary products".

Launched in April in the United States, the iPad has sold more than 8 million copies and has quickly become a necessary novelty. In fact, some analysts expected a more explosive commercial exit. The electronic Tablets have existed previously, but they were a confidential product.

Another year ‘hit’ has been the last version of the iPhone, launched in the end of June. The first three months of the iPhone 4, Apple had nearly doubled its sold of telephones (+ 91%), about 14 million phones in 89 countries.

Strong as it is with these exits, Apple have published in October the three month results, with a business  amount of 20 million dollars (15 million euros) and a profit of more than 4 million (3 million euros ). Its action has reached the sky, with nearly 60 % of benefits during the year.

Steve Jobs  presente  en 2010 le iPad, le nove  exit  de Apple 

Steve Jobs presented in 2010 the iPad, new success of Apple

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